Protect Employee Rights at the VA

The House and Senate are considering bills (H.R. 1994 and S. 1082) that if enacted would negatively impact almost every VA employee, including over 100,000 veterans. If either of these bills are passed into law, VA employees would essentially be reduced to “at will” employees with no real appeal rights concerning terminations or adverse actions. H.R. 1994 and S. 1082 would:

  • Strip all non-supervisory, front-line employees (Title 5, 38, 5/38 hybrid) of their due process rights
  • Allow the Secretary to remove or demote any VA employee at-will.
  • Extend probationary periods for ALL new employees from 12 to 18 months, and allow the Secretary to extend individual probationary periods indefinitely
  • Allow an employee only 7 days to appeal a disciplinary action.
  • Mandates the GAO conduct studies with the sole purpose of reducing the amount of time and space allotted for official time, weakening our union leaders' effectiveness and ability to conduct their jobs.
  • Hold no management accountable for the actions of their employees for whom they are responsible.

Ryan O'Leary
Letter Campaign by
McLean, Virginia