Protect Greater Chaco from New Drilling Plan

Greater Chaco Region Threatened by Broken Promises and More Fracking

Trump Administration plan opens the door for more than 3,000 new fracking wells!

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The Only Thing the Draft Plan Promises is More Fracking!

In March 2020, the Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Indian Affairs released their draft plan for managing public lands and minerals in northwestern New Mexico’s Greater Chaco area, but this plan proposes to further sacrifice the region’s cultural integrity, endanger communities, and jeopardize clean air, water, and the climate.

Under the various alternatives, the Bureau of Land Management projects between 2,345 and 3,101 new oil and gas wells in the Farmington Field Office. While the agencies’ “preferred alternative” claims that “human health and the environment” are among chief objectives, this plan still proposes 3,068-3,085 new wells. The plan would also make nearly a million acres available for lease to the oil and gas industry for more extraction. Many of these lands are in or near Navajo communities.

Object to BLM’s Drilling Plan:

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