Protect NH Public Schools- No to SB 193

School vouchers are front and center at the NH State House. We must stop them now. SB 193 has passed the NH Senate. Despite being labeled an “Education Freedom Savings Account”, make no mistake this is a voucher bill which will directly take taxpayer dollars intended for our public schools and divert to private and other institutions. HB 647, the same type of bill but targeted for ‘children with disabilities’, would also drain resources from our public schools. Both of these bills are in their respective finance committees.

We need to let our state representatives know that taxpayer dollars should not be diverted away from our public schools. We need you to act now.

Up to 90% of the state adequacy aid per student, which normally goes to the local school district, can be deposited into the individual student savings account. 50% would be available for kindergarten students. Another 5% of the adequacy aid can be provided to the scholarship organization for administration fees resulting in a 95% reduction of the adequacy aid given to a local school district for that one student. State adequacy aid is approximately $3,600 per year per student.

Diverting public tax dollars to private schools and others, drains much-needed funds from our schools, passes on an extraordinary burden to local property taxpayers and provides no accountability for those dollars spent. And finally, there is no evidence these voucher schemes improve student performance.

Please take this very important action to protect NH’s public schools.

In Solidarity,

Doug Ley

AFT-NH President