Protect our students, not billionaires

Governor Cuomo has threatened to cut our school budgets by another 10 percent. At the same time, he wants to allow billionaires Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt to redesign education by expanding the use of remote online learning, even when the pandemic is over.

The Gates Foundation also has a terrible record of promoting and funding of charter schools, the Common Core standards, and high-stakes testing linked to teacher evaluation, all of which have proven to be disastrous.  

Instead of letting billionaires run our schools, Cuomo should instead raise their taxes to make up for any budget shortfalls experienced this year. Currently, the wealthiest one percent of New Yorkers pay a smaller percentage of their income in taxes than the poorest twenty percent, and our tax structure is less progressive than many other states.

Please write a letter to Governor Cuomo and State Legislators today, urging them to protect our schools from the damaging and self-serving agendas of ed tech billionaires, and instead, fund our schools fairly by raising taxes on the ultra- wealthy and fund our schools fairly.

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