PROTECT TRANS KIDS: Tell the NCGA to vote NO on HB 358!


On March 22, the North Carolina House of Representatives filed House Bill 358, an anti-transgender piece of legislation titled the “Save Women’s Sports Act.” This bill seeks to ban trans youth from participating in sports teams and athletics within public and charter schools, as well as nonpublic schools if they are part of a state-level association including NCHSAA.

HB 358 is rooted in invasive and inappropriate questions about the sex assigned to young people at birth and outdated generalizations about male and female bodies. Trans youth belong on sports teams in alignment with their gender identity -- and all youth should be protected. We believe the solution is in building inclusive sporting environments that don't attack children for simply being who they are. We do not support enshrining discrimination into our schools.

Will you take a moment to contact the House Judiciary Committee and the bill's co-sponsors to let them know that we will NOT stand for continued attacks on transgender youth?

Your voice matters -- it's on all of us to show up for trans people when they are under attack.

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