Quit Genocide

Demand that Biden administration staff resign in protest against the President’s active role in the genocide in Gaza. After more than 120 days of Israel’s genocidal campaign against Palestinians, Biden officials and staffers must end their complicity.

Public resignations of senior Biden officials like Josh Paul and Tariq Habash have already made waves in Washington. More resignations would make a powerful statement against the administration's complicity in these atrocities and constitute an important step towards holding the administration accountable for its actions.

With this email tool, you can instantly send an email to over 200 individual staff members within the Biden administration, and ask them to resign.

Each of the staff members on our list work in the White House/Executive Office of the President or in important offices developing and implementing a variety of Biden's policies, including the administration's support for genocide.

Send them a message and call on them to stand on the right side of history.

By refusing to be part of a government that supports such inhumane policies, they can send a clear message that genocide should never be a part of any government's agenda.