Remove Canadian hydropower imports from the Massachusetts 2050 Decarbonization Roadmap

To: Kathleen Theohardis, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs

I am writing to urge you to remove imports of Canadian hydroelectricity and new transmission corridors from the Decarbonization Roadmap.

  • Importing this hydropower makes Massachusetts complicit in the environmental racism caused by from Hydro-Quebec operations on Indigenous lands in Canada.

  • Hydro-Quebec cannot substantiate its claims that its hydropower is “low emission”, clean or renewable -- and neither can Massachusetts. In fact, the emissions are on par with fossil fuels and contribute to the climate crisis.

  • Canadian hydropower dams destroy river systems and fisheries and impair the ocean’s ability to sequester carbon.

We are in a climate and biodiversity crisis. Importing Canadian hydropower and building transmission corridors for this electricity undermines a livable future. Exclude this from the Roadmap.

Thank you.
Letter Campaign by
Meg Sheehan
Lyme, United Kingdom