Respect public higher education employees


There is a clear indication that Governor Charlie Baker will be advised to reject funding of the 2017-2020 Association of Professional Administrators Agreement. Action by APA members, union colleagues and friends of public higher education is needed NOW.

The state Office of Employee Relations incorrectly contends that the ratified collective bargaining agreement between the APA and the Board of Higher Education has exceeded the governor’s financial parameters. At issue are uniform allowances available to campus police officers and cruise stipends for Mass. Maritime Academy employees.

Historically, these small, supplemental payments, which are clearly aside from salary considerations, have been negotiated and approved. They are not budget busters by any measure. They are an expense for the employer to shoulder, as the campuses have done for decades.

It is important to understand that public colleges and universities have been forced to dedicate more and more of their local budget allotments to the costs of running their campuses. The state has stepped away from its obligation to fund public education at all levels. These stipends are an expense that the campuses have funded out of their own budgets. It is absurd to reject the funding of higher education collective bargaining agreements and cite these expenses as the reason.

Please use these resources to connect with the governor and legislators to ensure that all public-sector employees are treated with due respect.

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