Restore the Castro Theatre


We are neighbors, merchants, and visitors of the Castro neighborhood who want the Castro to thrive. We love the Castro neighborhood for its small businesses, for its city living, and as a cultural and resource center for the LGBTQ+ community.

We are excited to see Another Planet Entertainment come in as new management for the Castro Theatre to support a stronger neighborhood. The Castro struggles with low foot traffic, storefront vacancies, and a lack of vibrancy. The Castro Theatre, a historic landmark, is in need of millions of dollars in repairs. The new plans to renovate and restore the theater will allow extensive restoration of the historic features and add new possibilities for programming in addition to showing films. The plan is our best hope to bring more people and vitality to the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, opponents who wish for the space to show only films (and not other kinds of entertainment) threaten to scuttle the plans by requiring "fixed seating" and not removable seating. We think this is dangerous and jeopardizes the future of the Castro Theatre and the neighborhood. If the Castro Theatre is restricted to only showing films, a declining business, there will be little money to renovate and keep the theater going. And the neighborhood will lose out on precious foot traffic that will patronize the surrounding shops, restaurants, and bars.

Please support a brighter future for the Castro by sending a letter to the supervisors opposing "fixed seating".

The renovation plan has been endorsed by the following key groups, among others:

  • Frameline Film Festival
  • San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
  • Castro Merchants Association
  • Castro Community Benefits District
  • Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association
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