Sac County Climate Action Plan

Demand Strong Climate Action

Sacramento County has dragged its feet on climate action, but has now begun work on its long-promised Climate Action Plan. Please send a letter today to the County, and tell them you want a strong Climate Action Plan before the public comment period closes on September 25.

Under our threat of lawsuit, the County has finally begun its long-delayed Climate Action Plan(CAP). They’re trying to do it quick, with limited review, which is insufficient given the gravity of the situation. But we’ve got our eye on them, and now so do you. They’re just starting, so we want to let them know up-front what we want and that we’ll be watching. Based on past experience, we know we need to push them hard, and we’re gearing up to do that, with your help.

We’ve prepared this tool with guiding questions, prompts, and a template letter for you to say you want a strong CAP. When you submit your letter it'll be emailed to county staff and we'll include your County Supervisor for you as well. We hope you’ll find inspiration in this tool we've set up and take a minute to tell Sacramento County that the environment matters to you, and why you want strong climate action.

We’re active, we’re stoked, and we’re grateful for your help.   If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, or we’ll find them.

Please continue. Now’s the time.

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