Save Montana Programs and Services - Act Now to Help Avoid Devastating Cuts!

As public employees, our jobs, the programs and services we provide, and the people we serve are in danger. Our state budget is underfunded because legislators chose to ignore new revenue options and gambled on faulty revenue estimates to preserve the security of our state’s jobs, programs, and services. Legislators will need to return to Helena soon for a special legislative session to try again.

This time, let’s tell them: We can’t cut any more! But we can generate new and immediate revenue such as:
  • Increasing taxes on the tourists enjoying our great state
  • Increasing taxes on alcohol and tobacco
Speak up! Tell your story of where you work, what you do, and what affects the proposed budget cuts will have on your job, the programs and services you provide, and the people you help on a daily basis.

Write your letter and it will be sent to your local senator and representative, as well as legislators on the following committees:
  • Montana Senate Taxation Committee
  • Montana Senate Finance & Claims Committee
  • Montana House of Representatives Appropriations Committee
  • Montana House of Representatives Taxation Committee

Feel free to forward the link to your family, friends, or whoever else cares about strong public services and programs. Stand-up for yourself and your co-workers!