Save Our PERA

A PERA bill, Senate Bill 200, has been introduced in the State Senate that is another attack on our profession and our ability to support our families and contribute to our communities. Specifically, this bill has a defined contribution provision and other provisions that will only further exacerbate the educator shortage.

While we have publicly committed to making many compromises to get to a PERA fix, the defined contribution is not one of them. The defined contribution provision does nothing to actually impact the financial health of PERA and instead is an ideological move driven by well-funded out of state interests including the Arnold Foundation and the Koch Brothers.

We expect this bill to move very quickly through the legislative process, so it is urgent that your Senator and Representative hear from you today!

Take Action Now!!!

Want to learn more about how the Koch brothers are getting involved in attacking pensions? Check out this editorial from yesterday’s New York Times.

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