Save Sound Transit 3 Funding


Sound Transit is under threat once again by the Washington State Legislature. While several bills are pending against Sound Transit 3 (ST3), one in particular known as House Bill 2123 would result in billions of dollars in lost financing and revenue. The lost funds would jeopardize timelines for light rail and bus rapid transit projects. With a less transit friendly government in Washington, D.C., Sound Transit was facing enough funding threats before Olympia joined the act.

Democrats now have control of both chambers of the legislature, but appear intent on passing some version of the bill despite voters passing ST3 by a wide margin. There are many of options to modify the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax--the funding tool at issue in the bill--while still ensuring that ST3 remains fully funded. Tell Democrats that they should stand up for transit, fully fund ST3, and speed up project delivery--not stop ST3 in its tracks.

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