Save the Ballot Images of Over 11 Million Registered Voters in Florida

Join our Letter Writing Campaign to Save the Ballot Images of Over 11 Million Registered Voters in Florida!

Think of it like this. Your high school has an election for student body officers and they use paper ballots. The principal scans the ballots and declares a winner. Students want to see all the ballots and the photos of the scans that were used to count the ballots and the principal denies both. You can "audit" some of the ballots and you are denied looking at any of the photo scans. Would you expect the students to stand for this?

In Florida there are currently 36 Supervisors of Elections (SOE's) that are refusing to save all ES&S machine ballot images as they are required to by law. There is a lawsuit under litigation on this matter but we are hoping public pressure will compel these SOE's to join the other 30 Florida counties that are already saving all ES&S machine ballot images. As of 8/3/20, attorneys representing these wayward SOE's filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. We need a public outcry! Can you sign on to our letter campaign?

If we are to have fair and transparent elections, we need to have a machine accuracy test, to save all paper ballots, and to save all ballot images. We must do all three to ensure our elections have proper checks and balances.

This will serve to reduce cynicism about Florida elections, increase voter confidence in election results, and ensure that Florida elections are being conducted according to federal and state law.

Works cited and acknowledgements:

Here is the link to all the Supervisors to see who and who is not saving ballot images

Here is the link to the Ron Labasky email. He sent an email out to all SOE's that was misguided and contradicts what the ballot machine manufacturers stated about ballot images.

Here is the link to the manufacturer of the voting machines and their instructions for saving ballot images.

Here is our letter to the Secretary of State

Special acknowledgment of the team that worked on this: Jennifer Tanner, John Brakey, Susan Pynchon, Laurie Woodward Garcia, Ronald Matzner, Arlene Leaf, Mary Lawrence

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