Save the Ridge Now!

In a vote that will define their political careers, on April 17th, the Pittsburg City Council—Mayor Shanelle Scales-Preston, and Councilmembers Jelani Killings, Dionne Adams, and Angelica Lopez—approved Seeno’s 1,500-unit Faria project that would destroy part of the major ridgeline between Pittsburg and Concord.

When Save Mount Diablo asked for just 45 days in which to negotiate to make the project less damaging—the Pittsburg City Council refused.

Please email the Pittsburg City Council and tell them that the project should be changed so that it saves the ridge.

Pittsburg residents deserve to have their hills protected, like so many other Bay Area communities already do. And they deserve the same access to Thurgood Marshall Regional Park that Concord residents will have.

Seeno/Discovery Builders and the City of Pittsburg are trying to jam a bad project through without people knowing. Hundreds of comments from Pittsburg residents and agencies such as LAFCO opposing the more-than-600-acre project have been ignored.

That’s not right—the public deserves an answer, especially because Seeno's Faria project and its environmental review were so deficient that the project needed to be overturned.

There's still no site plan, just a blob showing where the project would be without any detail. The project's footprint remains unchanged—it's still threatening Thurgood Marshall Regional Park next door and destroying Pittsburg’s ridge.

Nearly 13,000 daily car trips would be generated by this project. Why does Pittsburg want housing so far away from the city center so that anything and everything requires a car to do?

The Pittsburg City Council needs to do what other communities in the Bay Area have already done: treat their hills as a public good to be protected rather than something to be flattened and paved over.

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Save Mount Diablo
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