Dear Beacon Hill, Vote to Save UMass Boston!

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UMass Boston is in crisis. Classes are being cut, fees are through the roof, important academic centers are being cut loose and forced to close, faculty and staff are being cut, and our campus is being drained of essential resources. The UMass trustees are doing nothing.

And now, the acquisition of Mount Ida means millions of added debt will be taken on by UMass to provide internships to Amherst campus students while the predominantly first-generation students of color here at UMB will be forced to struggle to complete degrees or see their programs or jobs eliminated.

We've been fighting back, but now it's time to escalate.

First, our allies at the State House have proposed budget amendments that would save academic centers and close our budget deficit. We need to get those passed, but we only have until Friday, April 20, to get co-sponsors to sign on. The vote will be next Monday or Tuesday (4/23 and 4/24).

We need you to make a call and send an email letter to your lawmaker right now!

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Call-in Script

Hi my name is [INSERT NAME] and I am calling to express my support for budget amendments to save essential programs and services at UMass Boston.

As you know, UMass Boston students and employees are being punished for decades of disinvestment, disinterest, and delay from former state lawmakers and UMass trustees. We need action now to Save UMass Boston.

Amendment #87 provides funding to the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy.

Amendment #969 provides funding to pay workers across the UMass system (instead of funding worker pay by raising student fees).

Amendment #1311 provides funding to cover the UMass Boston budget deficit.

Amendment #1313 provides funding for the UMass Boston Research Centers.

These centers used to be funded in a separate state budget line-item until the line-item was combined with all other UMass funding about 10 years ago. The state made a commitment to fund these centers, and UMass administrators are betraying that commitment and balancing the budget on the backs of these highly-valued programs.

It is critical that the House add these amendments to the budget they are currently debating. The first-generation students of color and UMass Boston's essential urban mission are under serious threat. We need action from Beacon Hill now.

I hope Representative [INSERT NAME] will ensure these amendments are passed in this year’s budget. Thank you.