Say Yes to Building a Strong Louisiana by Investing in Families and Children with the Working Families Tax Credits

Louisiana’s children struggle under the second-highest child poverty rate in the nation, with more than 1 in 4 children living below the federal poverty line. Communities of color experience child poverty at an even higher rate, with 43% of Louisiana's Black children living in poverty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a devastating toll on Louisiana families, and widened the disparities between struggling families and everyone else. Families from every walk of life have experienced job loss, economic uncertainty, and a widespread increase of stress on parents due to child care center and school closures.

We can do better. The Workings Families Tax Credits can help ease the strain.

This legislative session, our state policymakers have an opportunity to strengthen Louisiana’s Earned Income Tax Credit to help Louisiana workers by passing House Bill 660 and to invest in Louisiana families with the Working Families Tax Credit by passing House Bill 659.

Now is the time to invest in the people of Louisiana.

Click "Start Writing" to urge your lawmakers in your district to stand up for Louisiana families by supporting the Working Families Tax Credits!

The Working Families Tax Credits would:

  • Provide much-needed relief for families in our state to help remedy the economic impact of COVID-19.

  • Put hundreds of dollars each year back into the pockets of Louisiana families, with the biggest benefits going to families with the youngest children and households with the lowest incomes. It is a small investment that can make a very large difference in the lives of the children and families in our state.

  • Benefit nearly half a million (493,000) Louisiana households. In fact, over a quarter (28%) of all Louisiana families benefit from the Earned Income Tax Credit. But if our legislatures don't take action by strengthening the benefit now, it will revert back to the lowest-in-the-nation state EITC.

  • Benefit Louisiana children by giving their families a little boost to help make ends meet. Tax credits for working families have a proven track record of lifting people out of poverty and putting children on the path to a brighter future.

  • Help families put more nutritious food on the table and afford necessities like car repairs or public transit so they can keep working.

  • Improve infant and maternal health and boost test scores and school performance.

Lawmakers respond to personal stories. Feel free to share your own in your message. Thank you so much for taking action to help lift Louisiana children and families out of poverty.