Social care costs see thousands chased for debt

29% of UK Disabled people live in poverty. Many of us already have very high and unavoidable costs, related to our disabilities. Even though Disabled people are already struggling, councils can then take up to 40% of people's income away if they need soci

Why this is important?

It is a scandal that disabled people are being thrust into poverty due to actions by local authorities, which deprive them of welfare benefits to fund essential home care. The unfortunate truth is that tens of thousands of Disabled people face immense financial difficulties and a daily struggle to make ends meet. Many are being pushed into debt.

More than 60,000 disabled adults in England were chased for debts by councils last year after failing to pay for their social care support at home, according to a recent BBC report. Claimants told the BBC they couldn't afford the charges amid rising food and rent prices, along with the additional costs disabled people face

Paula Robinson, from Greater Manchester, says she was "shocked and distraught" to receive a letter from her council warning of potential legal action, even while she was appealing against the increased charges that drove her into £3,000 of debt. The amount the council charged for her social care package - including visits from carers who prepared meals and helped with bathing - had risen by more than £4,000 a year, from £10 a week to £93 a week.

Take action and write to your MP today and let them know that this scandal cannot be ignored any longer.

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