Jeremy Hunt can end the social care charging scandal

Why this is important?

MPs have rejected calls from peers to rethink a Government care cap which will hit poorer people harder and leave many Disabled people and pensioners facing  "catastrophic care costs". According to the Tory MP, Kevin Hollinrake, the social care reforms are "A classic policy of levelling down, not levelling up."

The current plans are unfair and harsh and in light of the surging cost of living crisis will leave many Disabled and older people having to choose between heating and putting food on the table.   

As Nadia explains:

"I have cerebral palsy, and I'm deaf. Why do I have to pay for the support I need to live a safe and independent life? When we go to the hospital, we don't have to pay. This is a massive financial burden for me and one that I haven't planned for or chosen. I receive benefits and won't be left with much money to live off. I will lose my independence and ultimately not be able to afford to live in my own home, which has been my biggest dream since I was a child. I won't be able to afford to do the things that matter to me, and this will impact my mental health".

What we are calling for?

Social care reforms and funding must ensure Disabled people can live a good life with the same choice, control, and dignity as everybody else.

  • First, as a minimum, the Government must abolish social care charging and ensure disabled people do not have to give up their modest income from benefits to pay for social care.  
  • Second, the Government must implement the Dilnot recommendations passed into law by the Coalition Government in 2015 and introduce a zero cap for people under 40.

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