CALIFORNIA: Seal the Deal on Climate Care Jobs and Justice!

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September 28, 2021 Update:

We must urge our members of Congress to hold the line and pass the reconciliation bill first.

We cannot cave to corporate pressure and prioritize roads and bridges at the expense of curbing the climate crisis and creating jobs for working-class people and people of color. The way to secure the best deal for the American people is to ensure both bills move together—and that means rejecting lobbyists’ strategy of passing the smaller bipartisan bill through the House next week without having first passed a larger reconciliation bill.

Send a letter and call your representative today to vote on the reconciliation bill first before the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

September 2021 Update:

The debate over a jobs and infrastructure package is moving to its conclusion, with budget resolutions already passed authorizing $3.5 trillion in spending via the reconciliation process in addition to the investments in the bipartisan deal ($4.1t total). We need to make our voices heard before the September 27th deadline when Congress will vote on the bills.

Our message: Call on Congress to pass the full Build Back Better Deal on Climate Care Jobs and Justice and not a penny less!

What’s at stake in this moment

August 2021 will mark the eighth month of a Democratic Congress and White House without meaningful federal climate legislation. Right now, Congress has a chance to deliver on their promise of climate action for the people.

This August, Congress is finalizing a big infrastructure deal – through a unique process called “budget reconciliation.” That means Democrats in Congress have an opportunity to pass bold investment without being blocked by Republicans. Let’s do it!

The Senate has kicked off the process by passing a budget resolution with a ceiling of $3.5T of investment. Now is the time to tell our Members of Congress that 1) we want to see them fight to invest every dollar in the people – no cuts! and 2) we need them to protect investments in climate solutions, care, jobs, and justice.

We call on Congress to #SealTheDeal for climate, care, jobs and justice.

If we don’t move quickly, we’ll lose this opportunity and abandon the possibility of comprehensive federal climate action in the United States for another generation. With increasing devastation from the impacts of climate change, our environment, our planet, and people who live in frontline communities will not survive that delay.

Send a letter to your Member of Congress in California today!

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