#SealTheDeal for a Green New Deal


Since 1,000 of young people flooded Congress this week, thirteen NEW Representatives have backed the Select Committee on a Green New Deal. Our friends in the Sunrise Movement have gained incredible momentum in demanding real change to protect our climate, but they need our help. We asking all friends of the Arizona Poor People's Campaign to contact your representatives on FRIDAY before Congress closes for the year to #SealTheDeal.

We are calling on Congress to support a Select Committee on a Green New Deal. The Select Committee would have the power to start drafting legislation that would be ready by 2020.

So far, over 22 Democrats and over 145 organizations have endorsed it. Legislative goals would include massive investment in renewable energy, building efficiency, upgrading public transit, the creation of a jobs guarantee with living wages, and attention to the distribution of resources to low-income and historically exploited populations. This would be the first climate-related committee to approach the crisis as the science demands it.

Use this form to find your elected officials in congress and send a letter of support!
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