Send an Email to County Executive Steve Schuh

Steve Schuh’s approach to funding schools for the past two years has been playing shell games and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Students, teachers, families and communities deserve better than this!

Without the needed funding that the Board of Education is requesting, our schools and teachers fall further and further behind.

How can our schools compete with those in jurisdictions whose leaders support their schools?

Without adequate funding:

  • We won’t be able to hire the best to teach our kids.
  • Qualified teachers will opt to leave for more support and more respect.
  • Class sizes will continue to grow, depriving students and placing overwhelming burdens on teachers.

Our economy is improving. Our student population is growing. Doing no more than maintaining the status quo will not make Anne Arundel a leader in education or the state. Step up, Mr. Schuh. Fully fund our schools.