#ShameOnOcado! Time to deliver fair pay and conditions!

Hi there, we're delivery drivers for Ocado. We're currently fighting tooth and nail for our dignity and decent working conditions, and we need your solidarity!

We spoke out about Ocado denying us the minimum wage and other basic employment rights. Now they're trying to get rid of us for speaking out!

We need your support to fight this. Please take a few minutes to use this easy email tool to tell Ocado’s CEO Tim Steiner and the rest of the board you demand justice!

Here's a run down of exactly what's been going on behind Ocado's doors...

Throughout the pandemic we repeatedly put ourselves at risk so the general public could stay at home and keep safe from Covid-19. We have risked our lives, with many of us and our loved ones contracting the virus, while we've watched Ocado's business boom.

Now, as life begins to return to normal, instead of rewarding us for this work, Ocado is slashing our hard-earned wages and trying to drive us out by hiring a whole new workforce.

We were originally contracted through gig economy platform Stuart Delivery, but in June this year Ocado switched to a cheaper platform called Ryde. Our pay massively deteriorated, so we unionised with the IWGB in order to push back.

We were forced to publicly expose Ocado for their unethical behaviour in a desperate attempt to protect our livelihoods.

We sent a letter of our demands to CEO Tim Steiner, the Ocado board and the board of M&S (who are 50% owners of Ocado Retail). To this day we are yet to hear anything back.

In response to our pushback, Ocado said they would stop using third parties and would bring us workers in house. But, none of us have been contacted directly or offered anything!

Ocado clearly have no intention of bringing us in house and are instead trying to flush us out after we've taken a stand against the injustice.

Ocado can easily afford to give us what we are demanding. CEO Tim Steiner is paid over £58 million in 2019. In February 2021 the company boasted profits of £73 million.

Please join us in sending a clear message to Ocado’s CEO and Board: End the mistreatment of your key workers, and give us the decent pay and conditions we demand!

>>> Use this very easy tool to send an email to Tim Steiner and the Ocado and M&S board! >>>

Please note, when emails are sent to investors they will be able to see your name and postcode.