Shut Down Zenith Energy's Fossil Fuel Operations

The continued export of fossil fuels by Zenith Energy in opposition to City policy poses multiple threats to the City, the Gorge, and Willamette and Columbia River watersheds. In 2016, an oil train derailed and burst into flames in Mosier, Oregon. As a Portlander who live in a region susceptible to inevitable earthquakes, I have feared the looming threat of a catastrophic disaster at the Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub far worse than what happened on that day in Mosier. I decry Zenith’s open venting of toxic and likely carcinogenic fumes. I call upon the city to reduce its contribution to the climate crisis that generations of young people will inherit. It’s time to act.

I ask that the City Council:

  • Call for a moratorium on Zenith’s operations while this issue is fought in court. Without an air quality permit, Zenith’s operations must stop.

  • Act quickly to respond to LUBA’s requirement for stronger findings so that the city can shut down Zenith’s fossil fuel exports for good.

  • Continue to oppose Zenith’s fossil fuel operation at every appeal.

  • Oppose Zenith’s expansion of biofuel operations until a comprehensive biofuels policy has been put in place.

  • Strengthen the Terminal Zoning Amendments.

During Summer 2022, I expect the City to do the following:

  • Develop a comprehensive, transparent biofuels policy after allowing for an ample public comment period.

  • Begin planning the process for a managed transition of the Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub away from a large concentration of fossil fuels in a liquefaction zone and towards clean energy such as solar and wind.