Sign and send a letter to Gov. McCrory urging him to stop his attack on LGBTQ people.

Last month North Carolina’s governor signed a law that not only prohibits transgender people from using restroom facilities that match their gender identity, but also bans anti-discrimination measures designed to protect LGBTQ people.

This law has cost North Carolina hundreds of jobs and a huge amount of revenue.

But the greatest impact has been on the health of transgender people. Since this law passed, calls to transgender suicide hotlines have doubled. Trans people already face alarming rates of harassment and violence because people want to force them to conform to commonly accepted gender norms. This move by McCrory is an open invitation to continue this kind of harassment under the guise of upholding the law.

Please sign and send this letter to Governor McCrory and tell him “This law is dangerous and is endangering lives. Strike it down now.”

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