Sign and send a letter to your Senators: No 20-week abortion ban


In the midst of the Las Vegas shooting and Puerto Rico’s crisis after Hurricane Maria, lawmakers in Congress are choosing to focus on… a 20-week abortion ban?

H.R. 36 was passed in the House on Tuesday. It’s extreme legislation, going so far as to ban abortion at 20 weeks and incarcerate abortion providers for up to 5 years if they violate the law.

This ban is blatantly unconstitutional. People have a right to access safe and legal abortion care without any undue burdens — and this 20-week ban is an undue burden.

We’ve seen what happens in states that already have a 20-week ban in place: abortion access starts to erode more quickly than ever, people seeking abortion care scramble to make ends meet before the arbitrary 20-week cut off, and some are forced to carry to term if they cannot pay thousands of dollars to travel to a state without a 20-week ban. To implement a nationwide ban would be disastrous.

The facts are clear: abortion is a safe, normal medical procedure. This legislation is not grounded in science. It’s only based in extremism.

Trump has already promised to sign off on the 20-week ban if it passes the Senate. We can’t let that happen.

Write an urgent letter to your Senators now and urge them to vote NO on the 20-week abortion ban.

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