Sign and send a message to Congress: Stop Donald Trump’s Tip Theft Attempt


In December 2017, Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta announced a new proposed regulation (aka rule) to allow restaurant owners to pocket the tips of millions of tipped workers. This would result in an estimated $5.8 billion in lost wages for workers each year―wages that they rightfully earned.

And most of that would come from women’s pockets. Almost 70% of tipped workers are women and a majority of them work in the restaurant industry, which suffers from some of the highest rates of sexual harassment in the entire labor market. This rule would exacerbate sexual harassment because workers will now depend on the whims of owners to get their tips back.

The Department of Labor (DOL) must provide an estimate of their proposed rules’ economic impact. However, while suspiciously claiming that such an analysis was impossible, it turns out that the DOL lied to the public.

This month, critical investigative reporting revealed that the DOL did produce an estimate, but then hid its own analysis because it showed that the rule would be terrible for workers.

Click "Start writing" to write to your members of Congress and demand they hold the Department of Labor and Labor Secretary Acosta accountable. Tell Congress to squash Trump’s proposed tip theft rule -- before it gets any further.

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