Sign and send the petition: Close the dangerous automatic weapon loophole

Automatic weapons have been illegal for decades, but the Las Vegas shooter took advantage of a loophole that made his one-man artillery even deadlier. Senate Democrats, led by Senator Dianne Feinstein, are moving quickly to close that loophole.

Sign and send the petition to the U.S. Senate: Close the dangerous automatic weapon loophole. Pass the Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act now.

The Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act would stop the illegal conversion of firearms into automatic weapons by banning bump stocks and similar devices. A "bump stock" is a small, inexpensive device that greatly accelerates a semi-automatic rifle's firing speed, emulating fully-automatic fire. It transforms a legal firearm into an illegal weapon.

With a bump stock, the Las Vegas gunman fired a staggering nine rounds per second! This type of fire power has no place in the hands of everyday gun enthusiasts.

That's why Senator Dianne Feinstein, joined by 23 Democratic senators (but no Republican yet), introduced the Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act. These devastating mass killings are too commonplace and we must do everything in our power to prevent more of the same.

Sign and send the petition to your U.S. senator: Urge them to pass the Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act now and close the automatic weapon loophole.

It will take a strong bipartisan push to achieve sensible gun control. While we urge Senate Democrats to fight hard amidst opposition, we must put extra pressure on Republicans to demand they care more about human life than gun ownership. It's time.
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