Sign and send the petition to your Democratic U.S. senator(s): Reject the Bank Lobbyist Act

Senator Mike Crapo has a new bill that seeks to dismantle Dodd-Frank protections for consumers and the ability to monitor big banks to prevent another financial meltdown. We need your help to stop it.

Crapo’s bill, S. 2155, puts American consumers at greater risk of predatory lending and weakens crucial safeguards that passed since the last crisis. It would also cut risk management requirements for 25 of the biggest banks in the country -- banks that took tens of billions in bailout funds during the 2008 financial meltdown.

Banks don't need protections - Americans do. Banks are getting on just fine making billions of dollars while Americans struggle to attain or maintain adequate healthcare, clean air free from pollution, affordable education and housing, surviving police violence, and even to just keep living in the country they call home. Americans need regulations and protections from financial catastrophe, because we'll be the ones paying if it happens again.

12 Senate Democrats – dubbed the #BailoutCaucus – are teaming up with the GOP on a bill to help Trump dismantle Dodd-Frank, Obama’s legacy-defining legislation preventing big banks from wreaking havoc. We need these #BailoutCaucus Dems to know they MUST drop their support of this bill if they don’t want a full-on revolt from their home states.

Click "Start writing" to write to your crucial Democratic U.S. senator(s) telling them that we need not to repeat history - vote down the Bank Lobbyist Act that seeks to dismantle Dodd-Frank and tear apart Wall Street regulations.

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