Sign and send the petition to your Democratic U.S. senator(s): Reject Trump 'deal' on the Dreamers

Donald Trump claims he'd be willing to support a pathway to citizenship for the 1.8 million undocumented immigrants brought here as children, but it comes with a HUGE catch.

The "deal" he has offered Congress would include $25 billion on border security (such as his infamous wall with Mexico), and make fundamental changes to immigration policy regarding the visa lottery and sponsoring relatives. Legal immigration would be cut by 50%!

This is not a counter offer, say advocates. It's a legislative burning cross, using the Dreamers as pawns to get every anti-immigrant, racist item on the white supremacist wish list.

As immigrant rights leader Frank Sherry said, "President Trump and Stephen Miller are exploiting a crisis that they created, so they can take a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty."

It is imperative that Demcorats do not view this offer from Trump as a starting point for negotiations. They must reject it, outright.

Sign and send the petition to your Demcoratic U.S. senator(s). Reject Trump's "deal" on the Dreamers. It's not a good-faith offer, and it's not a starting point for negotiations. It's a legislative burning cross.
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