Sign and send the petition to your legislator now: Do not repeal Ranked Choice Voting

Last fall, Maine voters sent shockwaves through Augusta by approving one of the most substantial voting reforms in American history: Ranked Choice Voting.

Ranked Choice Voting empowers voters to rank candidates for state and congressional offices from their most favorite to their least favorite, ensuring that the candidates with most votes and broadest support win. Or, to put it another way, Ranked Choice Voting restores majority rule—and Mainers know a thing or two about the importance of majority rule after seeing Paul LePage win two gubernatorial elections without ever securing a majority. (And winning his first term with a paltry 38 percent of the vote.)

Now, state legislators want to overturn the will of the people and repeal Ranked Choice Voting before it ever goes into effect.

Last month, the state Supreme Court issued a nonbinding opinion saying that parts of the Ranked Choice Voting referendum passed by voters were unconstitutional. That sounds bad, but here's the thing: Repealing the law is NOT the legislature's only course of action.

Here are just a few things that the legislature could do that would acknowledge the court's opinion and still respect the will of the people:
  • Amend the state constitution to allow for Ranked Choice Voting
  • Amend the law to create a "trigger," so that the law would take effect only after the constitution is amended sometime down the road
  • Create a dual system that would allow for Ranked Choice Voting in congressional races and primaries—with which the state Supreme Court took no issue
But while legislators could take any of these actions, they are instead leaning towards full repeal of the law, despite being approved by 52 percent of Mainers last fall.

This is unacceptable.

Sign and send the petition to your legislator now: Do not repeal Ranked Choice Voting.
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