Sign and send a petition to Congress: The Republican tax bill must immediately stop in light of the Paradise Papers

The Paradise Papers, released over the weekend by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, expose a secretive offshore financial system that the megarich use to dodge paying taxes.

The more than 13 million documents have been poured over by almost 400 journalists around the world, but more time is needed before the importance of their contents are fully understood.

When a similar trove of documents was released last year, typically referred to as the "Panama Papers," it led to the resignation of one nation's prime minister, and investigations in dozens of countries around the world.

The Paradise Papers could have a similarly massive impact. Their findings have already revealed Donald Trump's Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, retains an investment in a shipping firm with very close to ties to Vladamir Putin's inner circle.

In the coming days and weeks, as the Paradise Papers continue to be examined, there is a real possibility they will expose how many more Trump allies and billionaire Republican donors have much to gain from the tax bill Republicans are trying to ram through Congress.

Given this, all work on the Republican tax bill must immediately stop.

Sign and send a petition to your member of the House of Representatives: In light of the Paradise papers, all work on the Republican tax bill must immediately stop.
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