Stand in solidarity: DEMAND Health Care Access for ALL residents of Washington state

Our hard work is in jeopardy once again.

We are reaching out to ask you to stand in solidarity with immigrant communities and advocate for health care access for ALL Washington state residents! Currently, tens of thousands of Washingtonians who are income eligible for Medicaid, are unable to enroll in health insurance programs due to their immigration status. While the state’s community health centers provide care to patients regardless of immigration status without coverage, many do not have access to basic check ups, follow-ups, and preventative care as health care in the United States is insurmountably expensive. Immigrants of all statuses are forced to sacrifice the ability to provide food, shelter and security to their families in order to access care that should be provided as a human right.

Without preventive services, care is delayed and conditions are exacerbated. It doesn’t have to be this way. Washington state lawmakers have an opportunity to fully fund a Medicaid-like program to ensure 73,000 undocumented Washingtonians have access to the healthcare they deserve as humans.  

Join us by sending a message of support to your state legislators now.