Stand Up for Access to Independent Genetic Counseling Services by Supporting H.R. 2144

As genetic testing becomes increasingly important to healthcare delivery, now than ever, it is critical that Americans have independent genetic counselors to support and guide health decisions. Because independent genetic counselors are not beholden to big corporate interests, they are the most qualified providers to guide individuals through the genetic testing process.

But many Americans who would benefit from genetic counseling currently do not have access to this vital health resource. Medicare does not reimburse for genetic counseling services provided by genetic counselors and this lack of reimbursement contributes to barriers to care, as well as much of the waste, fraud, and abuse happening in the area of genetic testing.

When told that testing is not covered by Medicare, Americans seeking to make informed health decisions often unknowingly fall victim to unprofessional and unethical genetic testing schemes by predatory genetic testing companies. Medicare law needs to be updated to provide beneficiaries direct access to the services of genetic counselors, the health care providers most qualified to provide genetic counseling.  

This crucial legislation recognizes these fundamental facts about genetic healthcare:

  • Genetic technology can improve health outcomes for Americans.

  • Access to qualified expertise to navigate genetic testing and health is essential.

  • Medicare recognition is perhaps the single most important action to be taken that could ensure people have access to independent genetic counseling services.

Your support of the Access to Genetic Counselor Services Act would allow Medicare beneficiaries to have greater access to genetic counselors and help ensure we maintain independent genetic counselors whose service is not dependent on the testing companies' bottom line.

Now is the time to safeguard our access to accurate, nonbiased genetic healthcare.

Lawmakers respond to personal stories. Feel free to share your own in your message. Thank you so much for taking action to help ensure we all have access to the genetic counseling services we deserve.

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