Stop the Attacks on Public Education!

Right now, the Louisiana legislature is moving a bundle of bills through the state House and Senate that will hurt public education in the state for years to come. They threaten the very institution of public education, and the ability of teachers to help students learn.

Bills that impact how you spend your paycheck and take away your voice are on the table as well as a potentially devastating constitutional convention.

Unions, like LFT, represent the interests of teachers and support staff who dedicate their professional lives to the children of the state. Your unions amplify your voice and support teachers and support staff in the areas that impact you the most. These bills threaten to take away your unions ability to amplify your voice.

While your unions fight to protect your freedoms, legislators continue to say one thing while doing another. Like the broken promise of a pay raise, the amendments to the constitutional convention bill HB 800 feign protections for the MFP and public pension. Meanwhile, an article by Jeremy Alford highlights Governor Landry's chosen delegates have emphasized that "nothing is off the table" once the convention commences. Lane Grigsby, the Cajun Industries founder who Gov. Landry has also put forward as a potential delegate, said, “The amendments don’t add anything to the argument. They just give some people more comfort in terms of being able to vote for having a convention...They’re going to make the rules in committee.”


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