Stand with Ukraine

Over 50 days of unprovoked, illegal, and inhumane war against a courageous and peaceful Ukrainian population defending its homeland and its right to peace, democracy and freedom. Russia declared war on Ukraine February 23. Each day the Kremlin bombs cities and towns, targeting civilian populations, orphanages, kindergartens. Russian forces open fire on babies, passing cars, and “humanitarian corridors” led by the International Red Cross. Russian forces have pillaged, raped women and children, murdered innocent civilians and deported some 500,000 Ukrainians to Russian filtration camps. Use of medieval siege tactics have destroyed Mariupol, a city of 500,000 people, with some 95% of the city reduced to rubble. Thousands have been killed, as Putin expands his “scorched earth” methodology across more and more cities, towns, and villages. Putin threatens biological, chemical, and tactical nuclear weapon use violating all international law and ethics. All of this to purposefully exterminate the Ukrainian people, culture, tradition, and language in the worst genocide of the 21st century. Yet Putin has been unable to break the spirit of the indefatigable Ukrainian people with his Russian terrorist efforts, so he is upping the ante and threatening complete destruction of eastern Ukraine this month. Already more than 4 million have fled to neighboring European countries and another 6 million have been internally displaced within Ukraine.  

To prevail in this war, to prevent the immense costs to the global economy of this war’s continuation, to ensure freedom and peace return to the globe, Ukraine is in need of our maximum support today.

Contact your Congressional representatives and the White House today to ask them to Stand With Ukraine, including (1) urgent incremental military support, in particular heavy artillery, heavy armored vehicles and air defense; (2) immediate sanctions against all (not select) Russian and Belarussian state banks, state energy, commodity and transportation companies; (3) immediate sanctions against the entire Russian and Belarussian political (entire Duma, National Security Council and Government) and economic (top 100 oligarchs) elite and their families (including denial and revocation of visas and freezing all their assets); (4) urgent financial support to Ukraine so the Government of Ukraine can ensure the provision of essential services to the people of the country during wartime; and (5)  SEC regulations requiring all publicly listed companies to report fully on any and all Russia and Belarus transactions, assets, relationships, and exposure of any kind.

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Seattle, Washington