Communities, not camps - stop accommodation centres!

Stop Accommodation Centres!

People seeking asylum should be housed in communities, not camps.

However, the UK Government is planning to warehouse and segregate people seeking asylum on ex-military bases across the country. Campaigners and residents have recently defeated plans to open the first of these planned centres, in Linton-on-Ouse, north Yorkshire, but we need to stop these centres being opened in any community.

If these sites are allowed to go ahead, people seeking sanctuary will find themselves isolated in prison-like conditions without adequate advice, healthcare, or support. These facilities will segregate and re-traumatise people and have been planned with no consideration of the needs of local communities or people seeking asylum.

Write to your MP to call on them to oppose all accommodation centres, and ask the Government to house people seeking asylum in safe and suitable housing within communities where they can rebuild their lives.

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