Communities, not camps - stop accommodation centres!

Stop Accommodation Centres!

People seeking asylum should be housed in communities, not camps.

From 2021, as well as increased use of unsuitable hotel accommodation (costing £8m per day), the Government has sought to develop a national portfolio of large-scale asylum ‘accommodation centres’ in which to place people seeking asylum in the UK.

New sites have included the Bibby Stockholm barge in Dorset (already costing over £22m) and the ex-military barracks at RAF Wethersfield in Essex. The inhumane living conditions at these sites cause lasting harm and have been described as ‘quasi-detention‘ by a parliamentary inquiry.

We believe people seeking asylum should be housed in communities, not camps, barracks or barges. How people seeking asylum is housed is about more than providing shelter. It is emblematic of the UK’s vision of providing sanctuary to people seeking refuge. We want people seeking asylum to be welcomed as our neighbours, not warehoused in camps.

Write to your MP to call on them to oppose all camp-style accommodation centres, and ask the Government to house people seeking asylum in safe and suitable housing within communities where they can safely rebuild their lives in dignity.

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