Stop CPUC From Undermining Community Choice!

Community Choice is providing important benefits to our communities, including getting California to 100% renewables faster and faster.  

Yet Community Choice is threatened by unpredictable, never-ending charges.  The Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) is an on-going fee imposed by the CPUC. It is levied by Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) on customers of Community Choice energy programs. As presently calculated, the PCIA goes on indefinitely -- saddling Community Choice customers with bills for IOU electricity they will never use.  

The CPUC is considering revisions to the PCIA. One of the proposals would significantly undermine Community Choice. We believe this action is counter to Legislative intent -- When they created Community Choice through AB 117 in 2002, the Legislature didn't authorize the CPUC and IOUs to keep finding new ways to put Community Choice entities out of business.  

Help Us Fight this Action!  The letter below goes to California legislators with Community Choice programs in their districts. It requests them to require the CPUC to comply with AB 117.

More specifically, we want your legislators and the CPUC to Oppose the "Alternate Proposed Decision". Community Choice programs can live with the "Proposed Decision".  For more info and details on both of these proposals, please visit our Campaign Page.  

Now, let's send these letters!  

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San Diego, California