Stop Cuomo's Unconstitutional Education Tax Credit Scheme that Shifts the Burden to the Middle Class Taxpayers

Dear New Yorkers:

We ask you to TAKE ACTION NOW at this critical time and call on leaders and your representatives in Albany to REJECT Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Education Tax Credit scheme.

The Cuomo plan is clearly linked to ALEC model privatization legislation that benefits wealthy donors under the guise of promoting “parental choice” while leaving middle class taxpayers to foot the bill. Taxpayers and clergy from around the state reject this scheme and see it as a trampling on New York State’s Constitution which explicitly prohibits public funding for private education and schools where religious doctrine is taught.

If enacted, Cuomo's tax-credit proposal will deny public resources for underfunded public schools throughout New York State.

Between freezing Education Foundation Aid at 2008 levels and not fully restoring the temporary financial-crisis driven Gap Elimination funds, New York State is underfunding its court-mandated obligation to provide a sound basic education for ALL children of New York, echoed in a recent Journal News Editorial. Cuomo's tax credit plan makes pubic school funding shortfalls even worse.

Please join us in calling on your legislator to support public schools, oppose shifting tax burden onto middle class tax payers. Tell them to REJECT Cuomo's Education Tax Credit scheme and not to tolerate any corrupted back room deals to package it in ANY omnibus bill.