Stop Evictions: Send a Letter to Your Legislator


The federal CDC eviction moratorium will expire on June 30, 2021, just as children are getting out of schools and Rhode Island's tourist season begins. There is simply no place for people who are evicted to go. Rhode Island shelters are at capacity. Reasonably priced single-family homes and apartments on the private market are difficult to find and obtain. We are not equipped to deal with an increase in evictions and homelessness.  Even with the CDC moratorium in place, it has several flaws and loopholes that have allowed children, seniors, and disabled folks to be evicted from their homes. There has been little enforcement or incentives for landlords to comply. In addition, the CDC moratorium offers no protection to homeowners from being evicted through foreclosure.

Rhode Islanders need protection from evictions and foreclosures on a state level.

H 5309 and S 0183 would institute a moratorium on non-essential evictions (evictions except for cases where there is a threat of harm to the landlord, tenant or neighboring residents) and mortgage foreclosures during any declared state of emergency in Rhode Island. Once this law is enacted it will also keep people in their homes during future declared states of emergency - we will have a plan going forward to prevent evictions and foreclosures in times of crisis.

Legislators need to hear from you. Please write to your Senator and Representative to let them know you expect them to act to keep people in their homes during this public health crisis.