Stop HB401 and HB405!

The civil rights of trans people in Alabama are in jeopardy.

HB405, the "What is a Woman" Act, enshrines medically inaccurate definitions of "male" and "female" into the very first section of the Alabama code. While the ultimate impact of the bill is unclear (its language is vague and confusing), it could be used to deny trans folks the ability to change their gender markers on their legal documents, and to enact harmful "bathroom bills."

HB401 purports to be a ban on drag performances — but in practice, it will be used to harass trans people just living their daily lives. The bill classifies "male and female impersonators" as a public nuisance, which is especially dangerous when read in combination with HB405. It is unnecessary, endangers trans people, and solves no problems.

Write your representatives now and tell them that you oppose these bills!