Stop Mail Delay & Job Loss! Pause Postal Consolidations!

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has just “paused” consolidations of mail processing and distribution until January 1, 2025 and pledged to consult with Congress, the Postal Regulatory Commission, and proceed with his Ten-Year “Delivering for America” (DFA) plan at a slower pace.

This is good news and a result of pressure from postal workers, postal customers, and elected officials, at public and Congressional hearings, press conferences, protest rallies, letters and calls. We must keep the heat on the PMG until he backs off his misguided “modernizations” that are delaying mail and eliminating jobs. Let's ask our U.S. Congress persons and Senators to...

Co-sponsor legislation that would pause and adjust the DFA until it reliably maintains and improves service and postal jobs.

1. HR 8730 & S 4464 (11 cosponsors) – Postal Processing Protection Act - “To require the United States Postal Service to apply certain requirements when closing a processing, shipping, delivery, or other facility supporting a post office, and for other purposes”. Mandates community input and allows appeal to Postal Regulatory Commission any closure/consolidation of sorting, distribution or processing facility
2. HR 8040 (11 cosponsors) - the Protect Postal Performance Act, “To limit the closure or consolidation of any United States Postal Service processing and distribution center in Postal Service regions that have failed to meet certain delivery standards, and for other purposes”
3. HR 8045 & S 4160 (4 cosponsors)– Postal Operations Stay Timely And Local Act – “To prohibit the closure, consolidation, or degradation of a mail processing and distribution center, if it would result in no such centers being located in that state or would negatively impact mail delivery”
4. S4453 & HR 8589 (0 cosponsors) A bill to require the United States Postal Service to implement recommendations from the Inspector General of the United States Postal Service for decreasing instances of delayed mail and improving staffing and training, and for other purposes.
5. HR 8000 (1 cosponsor) - Timely Mail Delivery and Postal Services Protection Act - Requires the Postal Service to wait for an advisory opinion from the Postal Regulatory Commission prior to changes in its mail processing operations, including consolidations. Eliminates funding for Mail Processing Facilities Review, freezing consolidations until PRC review.
6. S 4254 (0 cosponsors)– Protecting Access to Rural Carriers for Every Location Act. No consolidations that cross state lines, requires review of geography (eg. mountains) and public approval
7. HR 8795 & S 4618 (0 cosponsors) “To limit the closure or consolidation of any United States Postal Service processing and distribution center if the United States Postal Service has failed to meet certain conditions, and for other purposes.”
8. HR 8642 (0 cosponsors) - Modifying Allocations to Improve Local Service (MAIL) Act  -- Redistribute $3 billion in funding originally appropriated for the acquisition of a new fleet of electric vehicles to support the hiring and retention of rural postal employees.  


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