Stop police brutality in Ohio! Time is a factor

Help end police brutality in Ohio. Walk with us toward accountability!

Empowered by extremist lobbyists, bad actors in local politics and local law enforcement break the rules, ignore their training, and face no consequences for actions that make our families less safe, or harm those in their care. Instead of taking responsibility for their failures, certain politicians want to divide and distract us by pointing the finger at the people and communities harmed by police brutality.

Join us to declare that it’s time to end police brutality in Ohio.

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Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality (OFUAPB) is a statewide non-profit organization founded by Sabrina Jordan, who lost her son to police brutality in 2017. After the tragic loss of her son, Ms. Jordan began the ongoing work to unite the 1,055+ families in Ohio since 2000 who have lost loved ones to police abuse, creating a connected space for support, healing, and action. OFUAPB was founded to create and provide a space for families to grieve, develop and control their own platform for grief and advocacy, rather than being manipulated by exterior organizations.

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OFUPAC is the 501c4 action fund associated with Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality. Our mission is to uplift and amplify the voices of impacted families to transform the criminal and civil justice landscape in Ohio.

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