Stop racial discrimination at Ben Gurion Airport: Release US Student from detention

Lara Alqasem, a University of Florida alumna, applied and was accepted into a masters program at for the 2018-2019 school year in Jerusalem. In preparation for her studies, Alqasem, a US citizen of Palestinian descent, applied for and was granted a visa from the Israeli Consulate in Miami, FL.
Despite receiving the A2 student visa two months before her departure from the United States, Alqasem is currently being detained by Israeli authorities and threatened with deportation at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. She has been told the cause for her deportation is due to her public stance against oppression and her support for nonviolence.
Alqasem is set to be deported at 7:20 a.m. on October 3rd Tel Aviv Israel time.  
Israel has a history of targeting both Palestinians and individuals involved in Human Rights work.
We have a short time to make to mobilize politically to fend of deportation. Please contact your representatives immediately.
Letter Campaign by
Charles Cody O'Rourke
Gladwin, United Kingdom
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