Stop Rollback of Clean Water Protections!


In honor of the Clean Water Act’s 45th Anniversary, Take Action! Tell your Senators and House Representatives to resist any rollbacks or repeals of clean water protections, to stop any reductions in funding of the EPA, and to protect citizens’ right to sue when government fails to enforce the law.

The Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to promulgate and enforce laws and regulations to protect human health and the environment. Sadly, under this administration, the EPA has been fully captured by the fossil fuels industry and industrial polluters. To date, the EPA has rolled back or repealed the Clean Water Rule, the Clean Power Plan, and effluent limits on the discharge of toxic coal wastewater.

The Clean Water Act has led to incredible progress over the last 45 years, but we still have a lot of work to do, and cannot afford to move backwards. Send an email today!