Stop SB 11 - Don't Make School Zones More Dangerous

Vehicle speed is a detriment to our well being, especially for our children to safely walk and bike to school. NHTSA data finds that 29% of vehicle deaths are attributed to speeding. Such speeding is rampant on Maryland roads due to the limitations placed on the use of speed cameras, but at least for our students, vehicle laws can be more readily enforced due to use of speed cameras in school zones. However the Maryland Senate recently passed SB 11 that would limit the size of school zones to within 500 feet of a school entrance and only on roads adjacent to the school, unless a traffic study recommends a larger distance (up to one-half mile). This despite the fact that Prince George's County Public School policy does not guarantee bus transportation for students living in 1 1/2 miles of a school.  

We cannot allow this bill to become law. We need to let the House of Delegates know the Maryland Senate got this wrong and we need safer roads for our kids to walk and bike to school on.

Tell the Maryland General Assembly, "No" to SB 11.

Letter Campaign by
Climate Parents of Prince George's
Mount Rainier, MD, California