STOP SB1128/HB919: Clean Energy Means Better Health


SB 1128/HB 919 will take away the rights of local governments to promote healthier, sustainable, clean energy futures by effectively making any commitment to 100% clean energy at the local level impossible. Clean energy means better lung, heart, and brain health, less cancer and birth defects and greater longevity. Currently, 11 cities in Florida have made 100% clean energy commitments (Tallahassee, Gainesville, Orlando, Satellite Beach, Dunedin, Largo, Safety Harbor, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and South Miami). If this legislation passes, all 11 cities lose their ability to keep those commitments and all future committees to clean energy will be forbidden.

Please click "start writing" to send an email to legislators on the Florida Senate Rules Committee and the Florida House Commerce Committee. Ask them to VOTE NO on SB 1128/HB 919 when it comes to them in committee. Tell them you want to keep clean energy resolutions in our local municipalities. Florida residents deserve the right to promote a healthier and more sustainable future for all Floridians.