Stop the Eversource Tree Massacre

When Eversource installed a 29-mile-long electric line (running through 11 towns in the western Mass Connecticut River Valley), they were given permission to cut a 100-foot swath of mature trees. Now Eversource wants to double the width of the corridor to 200 feet by clearcutting an additional 370 acres of forest!

Massachusetts residents have a brief opportunity to comment—until August 22. We need to insist that the Mass. Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) conduct its usual full environmental impact report, as is required by MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act). Eversouce wants to waive the required environmental impact report, falsely claiming that there will be little impact.

Use the letter tool on this page to submit comments to MEPA, and to key legislators, and demand that Eversource be compelled to do a full impact report.