Stop the Hostile Designation of the Channel 7 Building

On May 10th Denver City Council will debate putting a hostile designation on the Denver Seven property at 123 Speer. This will stop the construction of additional housing near transit and adjacent to downtown.

In order to face the housing crisis we have to allow our city to change and to build housing. Denver's hostile designation requirements are incredibly lax. They allow any three residents to delay needed housing during a crisis for months or years, just by filing a piece of paper. There are no requirements to show how much "adaptive reuse" may increase the cost of potential units, or to explain how a landmarked structure fits in to the urban fabric moving forward.

CHUN and other groups have pushed for resident involvement in the site, a hostile designation will likely prevent housing on this site. We urge all YIMBYs to oppose this designation - support housing and one of our Denver news stations.

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