Stop the Kelsey Amendment! Protect the future for Working Tennesseans!

All Tennesseans, white, black, and brown, deserve the freedom to join together to negotiate a fair return on our work. But some corporations and the politicians they pay, like Senator Brian Kelsey, divide us to keep our wages low. Meanwhile, CEOs and shareholders get richer, politicians line their pockets, and the rest of us suffer. It’s time for us to come together across our differences to stand against the Kelsey Amendment and build a Tennessee where we all profit from our hard work.

Senator Kelsey (who makes his money as an anti-union lawyer and brought the lawsuit for Mark Janus in the Janus vs. AFSME case) has introduced SJR 648 that would amend TN's Constitution to forever enshrine TN as a Right-To-Work-For-Less (RTW) state. (Click here for more info on the damages of RTW.)

We are asking all of our brothers and sisters throughout the state to add their name to send an email urging legislators to vote “no” on SJR 648.